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Clingmans Dome Fall Foliage

clingmans dome

This is a view of fall foliage on the North Carolina side of the Smoky Mountains from Clingmans Dome. At 6,643 feet, Clingmans Dome is Great Smoky Mountains National Park's highest point. Clingmans Dome Trail provides access to the Appalachian Trail and Mountains-To-Sea Trail.

The Appalachian Trail is a continuous marked footpath (a distance of about 2,160 miles) that goes from Katahdin in Maine to Springer Mountain in Georgia.

The Mountains-To-Sea Trail The Mountains to Sea Trail (MST) of North Carolina is a 900+ mile trail consisting of footpaths, roads, and state bike routes. Mountains To Sea Trail (MST) stretches from Clingman's Dome in Great Smoky Mountains National Park to Jockey's Ridge State Park by the Atlantic Ocean. The mainline distance is 908 miles. The trail features ferry rides, spur trails, scenic overlooks, and side trails to campsites. Its western terminus at Clingman's Dome is 6643 feet in elevation. Its eastern terminus, after reaching sea level, is in Jockey's Ridge State Park on the highest sand dune (140 feet elevation) of the America's east coast.

Clingmans Dome is accessed from Hwy 441 (between Gatlinburg, TN and Cherokee, NC) and is located in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The Appalachian Trail trailhead is 0.5 mile from the Clingmans Dome Trail trailhead.

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